We exist to inspire every athlete to unlock their true potential

We have a dream. A team of athletes with a complete passion for sports and a ton of ambition. 

Everything we create is designed to unleash the potential of every athlete around the world. To make them go faster, be stronger and always, always strive to be better. 

We’re here to help athletes do things even they didn’t believe they could. 

What Makes MyoMaster Better

Designed on British Soil

Founded by Elite Athletes

Committed to Education

Approved by World Class Physiotherapists

Sustainable Performance Materials

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Alex Yee, MBE

Triathlete, Runner

“I’m focused on getting better every single day so I invest in the things that will make a difference like the MyoAirs, I’m feeling less DOMs, looser joints and ultimately I’m performing better than I ever have before”

Ruth Astle


"The MyoPro and MyoPump have just become an essential part of my daily routines for body maintenance."

Mark Lewis

Fitness Coach

“I’ve got to be honest, I was skeptical about the MyoAir compression boots, the first time I really used them was on a back to back Spartan race weekend and I noticed the difference immediately. I ended up being the fastest in my age group on my third race when my legs would normally have felt exhausted.”

Mica Moore

Sprinter, Bobsleigher

“There’s nothing worse than getting injured and being out of the game. I started using the MyoPro daily since suffering with knee pain, it is genuinely instant relief from the pain”

Lloyd Purvis


“The MyoPumps have made a huge difference to my performance. I was struggling with a history of hip injuries and it’s no coincidence that since using the MyoPumps I’ve had my most consistent training block in a long time.”

Andre Coggins


“So impressed with how quickly I’ve felt the benefits of the MyoLite, muscles are recovering so much faster after training and it’s so light I just pop it in my training bag and take it everywhere”

Barney Purbook


“I’m cycling a lot. I literally use the MyoPro every single day to treat joint soreness and keep everything supple. I’m obsessed with the heads they’ve designed. I’ve used other massagers and literally nothing compares.”

Danny Care

Rugby Player

“It’s no secret that I’m getting older, I’ve been using the MyoMaster range for three years. I’m convinced it’s part of the reason I’m still achieving what I am at this age.”

Loved by Elite Physiotherapists

Dr George Bownes, Musculoskeletal Physician British Institute of Sport

“I recommend MyoMaster products to every athlete I work with. Their range of products make taking care of your muscles and joints so much easier before and after training, I’ve seen first hand the difference they make to recovery time between training”

Michael Lancaster, Head of Medical, Harlequins Rugby Club

“What I love about MyoMaster is their commitment to quality, every single one of their products is a cut above everything else I’ve ever tried and I love that they are passionate about the education of recovery as well as creating innovative products.”

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