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The fastest way to get your legs feeling fresh again so you can get back to pushing your boundaries. There's a reason pro athletes can't get enough of this groundbreaking tech, 91% of athletes reported significantly faster recovery times within just two weeks of using the MyoAir
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Peak performance is no accident, the MyoAirs are designed to optimise the recovery of athletes who dare to push themselves day after day.

Utilising pneumatic compression they remove all of the waste and toxins that build up during training and flush fresh nutrient rich blood straight back into your tired muscles. 

This treatment is loved by elite athletes because of its ability to completely refresh legs in just 20 minutes.

The MyoAirs are 2X more powerful than any other compression trouser in the world, simply zip up, select the treatment time and intensity and sit back. 

Try it for 60 days and if it doesn't improve your performance we'll give you your money back.


— Completely removes lactic acid that causes delayed onset muscle soreness so you can push even harder in training

— Rapidly relieves muscle fatigue 

— ISO Technology allows you to treat individual muscle groups on the leg for targeted treatment

 — Desperate to heal from an injury? The MyoAir rapidly decreases swelling and stiffness post injury to accelerate recovery time

What Makes the MyoAir Better? 

There are four key features that make the MyoAir better than every other product on the market 

2X MORE POWER THAN ANY OTHER COMPRESSION DEVICE: When it comes to compression, pressure matters To get maximum effect from this technology you need to restrict the blood flow to create a flushing effect within the limb. You need to reach the limb occluded pressure this is on average 150-170MMHg, most other products only reach 110MMHg rendering them largely ineffective.

TREATMENT YOU CAN TAKE ANYWHERE: Over 180 minutes of wireless use so you can maximise your treatment wherever you go.

5 UNIQUE PROGRAMS: Designed with 5 unique programs to satsify every recovery need from injury recovery to daily treatment.

TARGETED TREATMENT: With the MyoAirs you can actually isolate every single part of your leg. Swollen ankle? You can isolate that chamber and treat this part of your body specifically. Quads tired and sore? Isolate the thigh on a higher intesity to remove all the lactic and maximise treatment.

Key Features

Pressure Range: The most powerful compression on the market today going all the way up to 250MMHG

Wireless Digital Screen: Wireless handheld digital screen 

Five Programmes: The MyoAir has five customizable treatment programmes

Backpack Included: Portable backpack included

Isolated Treatment: So you can treat each muscle group in isolation

What's Included?

— MyoAir WavePower™ Wireless Device
— Portable Rucksack
— Two Leg Attachments

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60 Days to change your performance

We are on a mission to improve the recovery of every athlete in the world which is why we developed our industry leading no quibble money back guarantee. Try our MyoAirs for 60 days and if you don’t feel the difference return them to us and get a full refund. 

All devices are covered by a two year limited warranty from the date of purchase, for more information please look at our T&Cs or get in touch with us:

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Your body, but better

4 Perfectly Created Chambers

Four perfectly precise inflation chambers that specifically target each section of the leg maximising the flushing process.

A programme for every athletes need

5 unique treatment programs so that you can pick the best treatment for you, with everything from our wave power technology to our sequential treatment programme.

Super Hygenic

Expertly engineered with our super hygienic waterproof material for easy cleaning post use.

Specific Isolation Treatment

You can pin point with our specially designed isolation treatment that means you can switch on and off each chamber from 1-4. Ideal for if you only want to target a specific body part post session or injury.



Athlete and Youtuber Mark Lewis tests the MyoAirs on a 35km assault course, here's his honest verdict...

MyoMaster Recovery Will Set You Apart

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Loved by Elite Physiotherapists

Dr George Bownes, Musculoskeletal Physician British Institute of Sport

“I recommend MyoMaster products to every athlete I work with. Their range of products make taking care of your muscles and joints so much easier before and after training, I’ve seen first hand the difference they make to recovery time between training”

Michael Lancaster, Head of Medical, Harlequins Rugby Club

“What I love about MyoMaster is their commitment to quality, every single one of their products is a cut above everything else I’ve ever tried and I love that they are passionate about the education of recovery as well as creating innovative products.”

What's Included?

— MyoAir WavePower™ Wireless Device
— Portable Rucksack
— Two Leg Attachments